clutch problem

so i just replaced the friction plates in my 02 xr650r.

I have the adjustments at the perch and near the shifter shaft maxed out. When I pull in the level and click into first it is staying in gear enough that i have to put on the brake and the bike stalls.

Did i install something wrong, I went through and retorqued the bolts holding the springs.

How do you take the shifter shaft out, i think it might be that. It seems like the arm is too far forward(if you are looking at the side of the bike, the arm sits at about 10 o clock before it starts grabbing.....if that makes sense)


How many fibers and steels are in the clutch stack? Why did you only do the fibers?Is the arm in it's correct position, should be able to feel the notch fit together.

only fibers because I thought that's all I needed. How do you know if the arm is in the right position? How do you take it out?

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