Nevada dual sport conversion licensing to-do's?

Anybody done a dual sport conversion and tried to license the bike in Nevada? I called DMV to ask their requirements, and their helpful advice (not!) was to do what I thought best then bring it in for the inspection and they'd then tell me what to fix. Like I want to stand in line for 3 hours twice!

Brake/running light, Two mirrors, Hi-Lo headlight, front/rear turn signals w/ front running lights, horn, speedometer, plate light. Nevada wants everything...SC

Gotcha. Thanks. I was planning on everything except the speedo, which is not included in the Trick kit if I recall?

I assume DOT tires too?

Will the flush mount rear turn signals be OK or do they have to be DOT ones on a stem?

Here's the requirements:

Go to the "Operation and equipment" section.

I think the DMV has some form you have to pick up and take to a mechanic to fill out (something about working brakes and lights).


Thanks jerryls, I actually checked the NRS first and was surprised that it didn't mention DOT tire, speedo, etc. THe form you mention is a new one--I'll have to check on that. Thanks!

A friend of mine just DS'd his XR600 and all he did was take the bike and the form to the local dealer who signed off on it. Then he took it in to the DMV and that was it...SC

SC, Do you happen to know what he had on the bike? Speedo, DOT tires, etc? Of course, I'd like to go as minimal as possible because of the cost and because I'm mainly looking at dual sporting it to be legal on the road as I cruise between trails, not to ride it as an everyday road bike where I would be more concerned about safety features (bigger blinkers, bigger mirrors, etc.)

From what I understand, DOT tires are not required. Here's a list of state by state requirements...SC

Cool! As long as the rules haven't changed since 1998 when the chart was put out, I'm ready!

Just a follow up to request of Bailey223

A couple months back I paid cash (no taxes, no CA reg) for a 05 WR450 by doing this I was able to have my buddys mom who lives in Henderson, NV sign as the reg. owner of this bike. Then I paid taxes and reg. fees and got my NV plates. Sure she's the title owner (75 yrs old, not likly she's gonna ride anytime soon) but I finally got a bike that I can ride here in CA without any problems. She also insured for me under her name. That's one coooool mom.

1, Put your DOT approved lighting kit on (mirror, horn, turn signals, running and brake lights. (no speedo was required, no questions about tires)

2, Get the DMV inspection form that is needed by your local motorcycle shop to sign-off.

3, Go back to DMV and get bike inspected prior to getting back in line

4, Once that inspection is complete, go inside and get your plates

Thanks for the advice! Sounds like I should be good to go

Back when CA was allowing conversions a speedo was only required if the bike originally come with one.

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