DEAD XR! :( any suggestions?

Hello everyone!

A friend and I were going to go for a ride today, we met up, fuelled up, and rode away, happy and excited to be on our bikes again!!!

we got maybe 2 km's from the gas station and his XR650R with the Electrex Dakar kit; starts to lose power and then just dies!

check for fuel, it's got fuel, it's got compression, check for spark, there's nothing, so we strip it down to check wiring connections and such, check for's weak, really weak, but it's something! so we ensure the connections are all tight and everything seems ok, and check spark again. (By holding the cap and touching the engine) and boom! good 'ol zap!

put it all back together, kick it a few times and a big backfire, then nothing?!?! go buy a new plug in case it's cooked, install it, nothing, no spark again........

I tried to troubleshoot it; but with the Dakar kit I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the "new" and re-routed connections.

Does anybody have any suggestions? things to check? look for? etc.?



So it's a electrical problem? Otherwise for the lose of power, and backfire, i would say somthing with the fuel line (petcock switch, filters, carb) for the sudden shutdown. But since u said there was no spark at all again, then it has to be electric, which would either be a loose plug cap wire, coil or stator or somthin in between which i'm not good with at all. But if there's spark, i can't see why it would be wiring problems, it would sound like fuel problems. My old Xr600 did that when i owned that bike once and it was because the petcock got cloged inside the tank and had to be replaced. Same symptoms, but i'm just not sure if his bike has spark, or doesn't?

No spark? Eliminate the easy stuff first. Disconnect the kill wires (black/white & green) behind the headlight and see if it solves the problem. If so, shorted kill switch.

If that isn't it - Does the bike have an Electrex stator on it too? If so, I'd check the stator wiring inside the left case cover to see if the flywheel possibly rubbed through it. A forgotten wire guide bracket or improper routing can easily cause this.

I second this

I recently lost spark in my 650L.

Turned out to be (rubbed) bare wire in the battery box that provided power to the CDI. All of my other components tested out to that point and I was about to throw in the towel and take it to the stealership to have it checked out. a little elctrical tape around the bare spot (and a future splice/solder job) and I was back on the road.

Remember to be patient and check all the wires in the elelctric sys find the one that is loosely connected or rubbed bare and shorting either way this could happen.


yeah, electrical. no spark, bikes' got fuel.....

We did check wires for wear and stuff, to no avail.

Does anyone have the spec's from the Honda manual for checking the CDI? ign. coil? etc.

or is there an online manual or source for this info that I missed during my searches?

Thanks for all the reply's so far, gonna get back at the search soon!


put a new plug in it then go frome there

put a new plug in it then go frome there

did that too......thx!


wow!!! Thanks allot MarkBear!!

That's awesome!

keep you guys posted.

Hope you get the piggy oinking and back in the mud hole soon !!!

Keep us posted so we can learn from your issues and problem solving..thx

and good luck !

are there any fuses that could have blown? i know its simple and somewhat cockey but it is something i have forgotten in the past.

i could sell me the bike

You can find a manual here

And the rest of the page here

Any chance of finding an online manual like that for my DRZ!?!? LOL, copied needed info, will be checking it out after work tomorrow

After finding an online XR650R manual (Sweet!) we ran through all the tests that honda suggests. Testing all the Peak Voltages suggested, (Finally my DVA meter comes in handy!!!) (100 V from exciter) (0.7 V from trigger) (100 V from ICM to primary side of ign. coil)

plus we checked ALL the wiring in the ign. system/ incl. kill switch.

Honda's method to test the ign. coil was to replace it!!!

So using rough automotive resistance specs, we figure it's good.

process of elimination leaves the ICM (cdi)

Part will be ordered and hopefully that fixes 'er up!

New ICM solved NOTHING!

swapped out the HO stator with the stock stator;

Bike started first kick!!!

What's up with that?!?!? turns out it was shorting b/w the exciter coil and the lighting coil.

How we were getting good Peak voltage readings from that circuit is beyond me!?

Anyway want/need a brand new ICM?

LOL, at least she's workin'!

Thanks for the feedback!

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