wr426 to yz timing (help to confirm)

I have a wr426 and i just installed a new timing chain and set the cams. I have read all the threads about wr to yz timing and the pins b/w the 12 o'clock marks. right now i have 12 pins b/w the marks and all the 3 and 9 o'clock marks are all perfectly aligned, THE THREADS SAID THAT 13 WAS STOCK FOR A WR AND 12 WAS YZ TIMING. Is the US different than Canadian bikes stock?????????

I have the covers off as we speak so if someone can help me out I'd really appreciate it.



Canadians models are the same... Was it at 13 pins before you took it apart? YZ timing is 12 pins between cam marks. Make sure your flywheel's '|' in "H|" lines up with timing mark, with timing chain slack taken up on exhaust side by pushing on chain with finger in tensioner hole.

dominator426 I explained in the WR426 LOSE COMPRESSION THREAD JUST ABOVE THIS ONE.

Can you look read that one and tell me what you think please.

Actually, make sure your flywheel's '|' in "H|" mark lines up, with timing chain slack taken up on its exhaust side, by pushing on cain with finger in tensioner hole. With 12 pins (YZ) the exhaust cam's 12 oclock mark will be slighly clockwise, with intake cam mark maybe just sligthly counter-clockwise.

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