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Buy Eibach Springs on-line?

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I am going nuts trying to fing a 11kg or 11.5 kg Eibach (or any brand for that matter) coil spring for my rear shock on the XR650R. I have searched the web and cannot find one shop that you can buy on-line from. Problem is I am living in the Middle East and we don't have anyone who sells these. I have to buy on line and pick-up when I visit the U.S or get it shipped here if it is not too costly.

Does anyone know where I can get these coil springs on line? Race Tech only offers a 9.2 kg which is what I have stock on my bike and I am a little on the large size for that (113kg). I will be in Orland FL, mid Oct, Housten/Austin TX end of Oct and Anaheim CA in Nov. any places around these centers where I could buy one off the shelf or On line?

Thanks for any help!!!

DOH! just seen the Cannon Race Craft banner!!! has anyone used these springs before??? any comments???

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