XR650 clicking

A while I posted about a noise coming from the upper portion of the motor, sounds like a metallic clicking, of course increasing with RPM. I checked the valves and adjusted them to spec, the noise went away briefly. After my ride I checked the valve adjustment again, one of the valves very tight, I had to back off the adjuster a lot. One of the guys hear thought it may be a loose valve, seat, that was moving up and down and gettting hammered farther and farther into the head. I took the motor apart and that doesn't seem to be the problem. Any ideas or anything to look for while I have the motor apart? Sorry for the long post, thanks for the help.


Are you checking the valave clearance when the engine cold? I usually check the valves only after the bike has been sitting overnight.

Noisy valve is happy valve, it's when they get quiet you need to worry.

yup, i checked them cold, when i say that i checked them after riding, I mean I checked them after I come home from a weekend of riding.

I know this may sound mundane, but did you make sure to check the valves when its on TDC of the compression, and not the exhuast stroke? Also, one thing you have to make sure of, is that you don't bump it too far past TDC, and then reel it back because of the automatice decompressor. If you push it just a little too far past, then usually it will start to open the decompressor a little bit, and you can't back it off, as the decompressor is a one way thing. If you adjust the (exhuast) valves w/ the decompressor part way open, then your right side valve is going to be REALLY tight. I don't think its a valve seat, as thats not real common on the big XR's. My 2 most educated guesses are either your adjusting your exhaust valves w/ the decompressor open, or your having decompressor probs. Mine does a ticking too, but its not the valves, its the decompressor.

For whatever reason, the cam and matching rocker were EXTREMELY worn, I don't know how I overlooked this. What could have caused this?

also, since i need to buy a new cam and I have it all taken apart I was thinking about a hot cam. Where is the best place to purchase?

Well, like I said, the reasoning behind the cam and rocker being really worn, is that you probably adjusted the valves w/ the auto decompressor partly open, causing the cam and rocker to stay in contact all the time, and prematurly wear down. But, if you adjusted your valve thusly, then you should have heard A LOUD clicking... I mean LLLLOOOUUUDDDD, and probably didn't run very well...

Anyways, the best place I found to buy parts is either rockymountainmc.com, where they sell for about 145. OR, if you search ebay once and a while, a seller called like 1nosparts (I dunno if thats right) sells the hot cams on there for about 128 each. They don't post them all the time, just a couple a month or so. Thats the best price I've seen yet.

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