Should I change the cam?

Well, I have a desert ride coming up in October and I'm debating if I should install a stage 1 cam. I only desert ride once per year and I usually trail ride in local OHV parks. Is the stage 1 cam going to take the fun out of short trails? I want to keep the low end grunt and don't want to have a powerband that doesn't come on until it revs high.

Here's what I currently run:

2002 XR650R

Header, "E" series with 12 discs, Edelbrock carb, opened up side panel, XR'S Only cdi

If I do the cam change I plan on keeping the rest of the valvetrain stock. The bike has approximately 2000 miles on it.


I had a HP cam installed on my XR 600R when it was overhauled. It is faster, but I had some cough and stall problems. I really don't feel it is worth it, but you should talk to the Technical people at XR's only or Thumper racing. Just my opinion, I'm not an expert. :D

I think the stage 1 cam makes short trails that much more fun :D. It was a fantastic upgrade for me (price / performance). It adds more low to mid range without hurting the top end performance and there's no jerky transitions in the higher RPM. Ridability is excellent for trails at OHV parks and its also fantastic for the desert.

You will loose the autodecomp mechanism with this cam, but its no big deal in my opinion. In fact, it was the auto decomp mechanism that was screwing up in my bike and that's what prompted me to install a stage 1 cam and I've been very happy with it. Don't forget to break it in correctly.

I am very happy with mine.


Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be buying a stage 1 cam this month!

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