Modifying the WR 450 cam ?

I was wondering if anyone has looked into modifying the WR450 cam so that it can be installed to the YZ timing. It seems that people are doing this mod to the WR250 cam with great results and no cost of a new cam. On the WR250 cam all you have to do is grind 1mm of of the auto decom button that pushes on the valve bucket and the you can install it to YZ spec and the decom timing is right on. The only diference between the two cams is the length of the button and the part number. This is an easily done mod and I will be doing it on my girlfriends WR250 soon. Now if we can find out if this can be done to the WR450 cam as well some people can save over 100 bucks and mod there own cam to get the great YZ power.To find out more on the WR250 cam mod ,do a search and check it out. And if anyone knows if this can be done or has both 450 cams to compare let us know.

One of the area Yamaha shops does this mod by pressing the sprocket off of the cam and pressing it back on in the YZ position. If you have experience building race motors and have a TIG handy to spot weld the sprocket in place once timed; this procedure is within your depth. I like my 450 the way it is, so I've not tried it. Good luck!

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