coolant around the waterpump tube???

hey have a 00 426 and now i'm noticeing that the inlet tube for the waterpump theres coolant coming out there??.. i'm not sure if the seal for that went bad or this a indication that something wrong with the pump or something thinking about draining the coolant and taking that tube out and check it out see what's the problem? has anyone had this sort of problem with there YZF? just don't know if i should continue to ride it like that or not

There is an o-ring between the coolant manifold and the left cover.

before you go to extremes, first check your overflow tube, you can have a slight overflow and it tracks down the rad lines and settle on the lip of the water pump. sometimes you dont see any coolant on the overflow or surrounding areas. does it do this all the time, and does it seep back out of the fitting when you dry it off?

um well i notice this about 2 weeks now haven't really ran it much and when i did i didn't notice it sucking back it just stays there when i'm running it don't think it's overheating the bike or anything but i dunno think it could be that o-ring that may went bad or what it's been sitting in the shed and just check the coolant level and it's still up there and there isn't no puddles or nothing

and also lol.... i did use a rag to dry it off and the next day i notice coolant again

if you let the bike idle for 45 secs it will get hot, you might have a little coolant loss and not see it in the rad. also if there is fluid on the lines it can run back down overnight. just check your lines from the rad down if they look like they have been dry for sometime just pull the o ring seal and replace.

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