Vortex CDI for YZ450F

Anyone used a Vortex CDI with an '05 YZ450F? What difference to performance? What pipe & carb setup with the Vortex? Also I have a Vortex taken from my old YZ250F '03, is it transferrable to the 450? (I would get it re-programmed). Thanks

i wouldnt have thought the ignition system would affect the jetting greatly, though feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, cos its the spark you are changing not the jetting so if its jetted to suit the pipe that you have on the bike i couldnt see that there'd be any difference

The ignition does not affect the jetting but it can simulate jetting problems. The stock ignition on my 04 had a spot at 1/4 throttle I could not get rid of by jetting. With the Vortex,there were 5 of 10 settings that that spot was gone. I was told by Vortex that the stock CDI drops the spark plug voltage to like 1 volt when it is interpolating between two maps. It definitely dropped the voltage and acted rich with the stock CDI. Now, as I ride a little different with the throttle, I do not notice the stutter much when I ride a Vortex setting that it is present.

I have a Vortex taken from my old YZ250F '03, is it transferrable to the 450?
No. At least I'm reasonably sure it won't. A number of people would have substituted and '04 CDI on their '05 if they were interchangeable. But I've seen posts stating the harness is different.

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