am i missing something?

i were checking out the yamaha web page, the spec sheet says the 06 450 weighs the same as the 05? 220lbs dry.

i was thinking of upgrading to the 06 to be lighter. but then it only weighs 2lbs less than my 04. ill just put less gas in it. or am i missing something??

p.s. anybody seen a happy nigerian with lots of bugs squished into his big smile :applause:

they might not have updated all the info yet.the shock spring and al. frame alone should be worth 3-4 lbs. i would hope!!

Nope Same Weight, if you saw the other post by Wyatt, he explained why, here it is:

Well, I saw the '06 450 in Lagun Seca. man, it sure looked good.

From sitting on the bike, it does not feel much different than my '04 as far as ergos. To me, that is a good thing. The bars and pegs felt good and the tank seems a little slimmer. The clutch pull was like butter. Very smooth and light.

Looking at the motor, it looks similar to previous years, until you really look close. Ofcourse, the front of the motor has the built in oil tank. The cylinder and head are much more upright. They are not tilted forward and are almost straight up and down. The new 5sp gearbox has the same ratios in 1st - 3rd as the 4 speed.

The yamaha rep told me that the bike weighs the same as the '05 model. Although many things were done to reduce weight, weight was added in places as well. He said the new forks are heavier because of the increased complexity of their design, the rear shock is beafier and heavier than before, ofcourse the 5 speed weighs more than the 4 speed did. The objective with this bike, he said, is where it carries its weight.

He also said that the motor is much more smooth and has been melowed even more to be more rideable.

It had a 739 on the fron and a 756 on the rear. It also had a small rubber buffer pad under the chain slider. Wear here has been a problem on the yamaha for years. All of the plastic has a different look and different lines than previous years.

The bike looked good....I can't wait until december

being an alloy frame like the 05 yz bikes (the frame appears to be solid alloy) any weight saving is negated by the fact that there is more material in the frame construction itself. being alloy the frame is more rigid and hence i believe this is the advantage over the steel frame. i found also that ditching the stock s/s exhaust on the '04 450 in favour of a fmf powercore i saved around 1.5kd (3lb), though the '05-'06 bikes have an alloy muffler and i'm not aware of their weight in comparison to an aftermarket unit.

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