XR600R Exhaust Mods?

I'm looking for cheap mod's for my stock exhaust. I am looking for a mild performance gain without sounding like an open header. Is it worth the hassle to modify or should I chuck it and buy aftermarket?

Shameless bump :applause:

If you still have the stock dime sized plug in the end of your pipe then answer is yes that you will see a real gain by modifying the exhaust. The stock exhaust is very restrictive and needs to be opened up. You will also need to re-jet if you make any changes. Thumper racing used to sell a replacement end cap for the stock xr600 exhaust pipe which worked real good and is relatively quiet so you may want to check in with them to see if it is still available. If not go with an aftermarket pipe. You will be glad you did.

I saw a guy that had the baffle removed and a downspout welded to a plate that bolted on where the baffle bolted on. It worked well at keeping the echoing at bay. Sounded good without being obnoxious.

I wish I thought of that one.

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