What kind of flywheel puller for 02 650R?

is it the one that thread into the center or is it a standard puller???

I wan to know without pulling of the side cover because i'm actually THAT lazy :D:)

oh yeah and theskid plate is SO hard to mount back up :)


You have to remove the left side case so the flywheel is exposed which is something like 5 bolts from what I recall. The flywheel remover tool that threads into the center works good for removing the flywheel. I use this tools with an air impact gun and it comes off in a jiffy.

Shoot man i know i gotta take the side cover off!!!

believe it or not i am a prettty good mechanic!!! its just that i just got this bike and havent had to tear into it much!

Thanks qadsan, some one at the shop will have one of those I dont though... it was a little different on my 82 yz490! wow how technology changes.

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