Just in case you XR 600/650 guys missed this one in the pics section...

Here's how not to land a 21 year old Honda 600 thumper. This is my buddy getting badly out of shape on a landing this afternoon. He's in a world of pain now, as you can imagine...



That is a picture that will bring back bad memories forever. :)

Is he just sore with displaced ribs or worse?

Nice catch with the camera!

When I helped him into his sister's car, he seemed to be pretty badly broken up and in a lot of pain. I suspect he has a broken bone or two. His wrist, hand, ankle, and ribs took a beating.

The bike folded up on impact, and he was pinned under it.

I was no more than ten feet away, and watched it like it was in slow motion, and then I heard that awful THUD!

Ugly shit!

Yeah, that ground looks hard. I hope you buddy heals up OK. Probably out for 2-3 months.

The boyz must be black and blue...if you know what I'm sayin'

Now that you mention it, that picture looks even more painful. :)

Im feeling the pain just looking at the picture. Wow! I hope he heals quick.

I'll be sure to post back here and let you guys know how your fellow big red thumper guy makes out.

Doesnt look fun, for him or the bike. Wondering why hes landing with the bars so sideways and not leaned back in the air...oh well we all learn the hard way sometimes.

Hope he and the bike are riding again soon.

This brought back long long ago memories of cracked ribs and nasty spills....ouch indeed

When he hit the jump that time around, I knew he was going way too slow.

If you don't keep your momentum right through a jump, I find the bike tends to 'arc' in a loop, instead of carrying forward and allowing you and the bike to stick the landing.

He nailed one right before that. It was definitely lack of speed that made that one get so ugly.

Good pix and great timing for the shot!!!!!!

I just got back from Keith's place.

Here's how he looks 24 hours later, sporting this year's top fashion for middle-aged men...

Two casts!

Very stylish, Keith!



Did you keep your eyes open when you snapped that shot at impact? Words like "Holy Sh*t!" come to mind when cringing while looking at that one.

Gotta give him and the ancient XL credit, both still kickin' hard. Instead of hangin' on the couch, he hung it all out in the dirt, and risked a lot by lofting that 325 lb. beast in the air. I know, I had 2 of them. Remember the "R" in 600R means RPM's as in keep it revving.

Like they say, no pain, no gain. Definitely gets an 'E' for effort. Heal quickly. I feel your pain. :)

The part that bothers me the most is you can see the right hand has already let go of the handle bars as the bike is coming over! Bale time is imminent. I hope your buddy is riding again soon. A picture is worth a thousand words!

The first time I hit a jump on my "L" I did almost the same thing, excluding the broken bones and wipe out :D Definetly need to lean back and get on the gas :D I actually dumped my bike today on the trails...twice :) Tell your bud to get well soon and to get that bike fixed up :)

I saw one of his 2 dumps today..was damn funny once I knew he was ok :)

You almost had it except that damn slick your running on the rear...lol

I think I am getting a new tire later this week.........

What did you think of my Teraflex on the street, on the short ride you did? You should consider one... :)

They are $90 shipped..he he


that hill was pretty damn steep and really loose ! You gave it hell... and I was proud of ya !

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