Lights, whos got lights?

For those of us who have riden our WR's at night with the stock head light know that they are terrible except in tight trials. I am trying to find out what aftermarket headlights my fellow TT's are running. Acerbis? I believe our stators can only handle about 55W? :)

I have done a seach and do want to get some helmet lighting but that is kinda pricey. :)

I've done some desert racing at night with the stock WR setup.. It worked great for me, far from terrible like you say..... Bajadesigns has many different kits available if you need more.

wire up the high beam, that is not used, its some what better. Cya Stinson

how do you wire the high beam? sounds like a good idea.

I have the high beam wired up through my baja designs kit, still not enough light. How many watts does our stator output?? 55W or something?

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