baha jet kit

Is the baha jet kit going to have the proper jets for a stock muffler :) Im going to order the kit tomarrow but dont have the bank to get a high flow muffler for about a four or five weeks. Here is my plan remove snorkle, high flow air filter, baha kit carb mods. Till I get a muffler, then rejet for muffler.

Or would it be better to just wait till I get everything and do it all at once :)

I bought the DJ kit, just put in the 165 main jet and everything else in the kit. The DJ jet numbers do really match up with the Kiehin numbers or any others for that matter, I'm finding this out now trying to get my 650 bike dialed in. Good luck.


Luck- for some reson I think I need it :):)

don't buy the kit!!!!

just buy some jets for your carb

do a search here to find out what to do but I wouldn't buy the kit

I have the DynaJet kit ... nothing wrong with it, but it IS overpriced, and the jet numbers are NOT the same as for the Keihin ... a Keihin 158 is about a 165 in the DynaJet , ... gets confusing, I know ... save a lot of bucks with Keihin jets, and follow the standard mods of drilling the slide, etc...

OK maybe ill save the bank Ill go to the cycle shop on tuesday to get the jets ....... will see how it gose :)

just buy some jets for your carb


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