NX650 Questions

I have a line on a 88 nx650 for a good price. Can somone explain the differences between the nx650 xl650 and xr650. I dont really care much about the dual sport aspect of it and I would like a xr650 but this one is cheap. With some new tires would the nx make a good dirtbike?

The XR650L is the result of Bruce Ogilvie (of Honda , North America) stuffing the engine of an NX650 into an XR600 frame. Corporate Honda liked it, and came out with the XR650L in 1993.

The main difference: If people think that an XR650L is bad offroad, they'd die on an NX650. It has inadequate suspension, streetbike seating ergonomics, and a big, heavy plastic faring that is sure to break on your first decent wreck. It has a great deal in common with the KLR650 in this respect. It is more of a dirt-looking streetbike, like the Suzuki V-Strom.

Even with a decent set of knobbies, I couldn't see doing any of the hard trails, climbs, jumps, etc that I easily do on my XR650L.

Fire-roads and USFS roads okay.. Trails, Whoops, Jumps, Climbs: NO.. :)

Get a XR650R if want a great dual purpose bike, don't get a NX650 or XR650L

I bought one new in 89, stripped the excess junk, I loved it on the road and it was ok on a few fire roads, but I had a XR600R for the rough stuff, the NX is front heavy and the front plows, suspension is weak, I had the biggest knobby you could fit in the rear and a good front knob and it was still a handfull, but it would make a great supermoto. I had to use my knee and helmet when I went down to avoid wrecking the expensive plastics.

If I get it I was planning on selling all the bodywork on ebay.

The NX had a cool looking dual exhaust though. If you look in some sites in Europe the NX has some nice aftermarket exhaust systems.


is the frame the same?

The frame is totally diffrent and an XR600R or 650L

One of the friends I go riding with has a 1988 NX650. It's a cool looking bike with good torquey power and deep thumpy sound from the dual exhaust , but it's really a street bike, not a dirt bike.

Apparently they do last forever though, the '88 my friend has is in perfect condition, and still looks new.

The NX650 dominator (as called in australia) had exactly the same engine as the XR650L, however the bike is totally different and more suited to a dual purpose role. It will handle gravel roads etc fine but dont ride anything remotely technical, the bike is just too heavy and has soft suspension.

Street bike, my neighbor has one with 35k miles though, oil change every 6k miles. His engine reliability with virtualy no maint is the reason I bought my L a couple of months ago.

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