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The rims are Yoko's

They are anodised

They are listed as 7000 aluminum, like other after market rims.

Price was both for the price of an OEM front rim, and they lace to 32 spoke hubs for the L.

I will keep all posted on performance, durability, finish going forward

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Thought I'd join up here and say hello, just gone and got an XR600R after going up to an off road dealer in northern Holland.

After picking out a likely specimen I took it for a quick test ride, quite a gigggle and a lot different to the GSXR I normally ride.


I then bit the bullet and handed over a deposit for this 1993 air cooled beauty (ok may be I'm exagerating a little) :






The pictures make it look a little cleaner than it is, but it appears to be a nice bike.

It's got road biased tyres which will need changing soon after getting used to the bike on back roads. The bike started second kick with no smoke, although when I tried I was less successful, there is definitely a knack to starting a 600 thumper! The brakes aren't quite GSXR sharp but it seemed great fun around the industrial estate, I had a huge grin :busted: It's like a two wheeled tractor :thumb:

I can't wait to get it picked up this week, I know what I'm doing next Saturday!

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Hey Tim in Holland - do you guys do track days with cars on the track with bikes!??

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Hey Tim in Holland - do you guys do track days with cars on the track with bikes!??

Its "The Ring"......

Nurburgring Nordschleife

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Nice XRL Old Graybeard! :busted:

How many teeth on your rear sprocket (42?) and where did you get it? :banana:

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Thanks for the compliment.

The sprocket is a 43. Just having switched to the 17's I really didn't know how low that was going to take me so I opted for just 2 teeth down. Right now it's about the same as the stock gear on stock wheels, or maybe just a scootch lower. Next sprocket will be maybe a 40-41. This one isn't bad though...pulls real nice through the gears. We'll see.

Got the sprocket from Motostrano. The wait was a little longer than I expected but it was worthwhile. A nicely made piece. Later, OGB

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Here's my baby,just picked her up today with my other 2 loves,my Landcruiser and my little dog which resembles a beer keg.

Will post up better pics in the future:thumbsup:


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      Well cared for 2001 XR650R for sale.  I am the original owner and bought it new in Feb 2002.  Don't know exactly how many miles are as they didn't come with odometers but I would estimate 5-7K.
      Lots of upgrades including Clark 4.3g tank, Cycra Handguards, Magura oversize bars, excel rims front and back, skid plate, radiator guards and a scotts damper sub mount (mount only), rear disk guard and oversize springs.  I still have the original parts I took off so going back to stock spring rate/gas tank/skidplate/... wouldn't be a problem.
      The bike is 100% ready to ride - chain and sprockets are in good shape, wheel, shock and swingarm bearing are all tight.  Doesn't smoke or leak fluids
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      Will the front Maier disc/fork guards for an XR600 work on the 2006 XR650L?
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      This is not my first rodeo, plus I have an Electro-mechanical Engineering background.  I am seeking advice from experienced persons that have done this engine swap in the past and what needs to be done that i might have overlooked.
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