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Brought home the bikes today. Both my sons (14 and 11, can you tell by the size?) are driving me crazy to go out and take them for a spin.

Worked on them all winter (in our shop), completely disassembled the CRF150 and XR650, fixed and tuned them up.

Built a new dirt bike trailer with some left over aluminum checker plate on a 6x9 camping base. Going to add one more spot across the back, for one of the little riding buddies.

Yup, it's been a busy winter...


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Cluttered back porch or mancave dreamland. Getting ready for the riding season with two new sproks and chain. (15-48).


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I've been a busy little beaver since last night. I got my forks resprung and my shock revalved and resprung and got installed those last night as well as putting a fork brace on. It was much easier getting all that stuff off than reinstalling it.:thumbsup: This morning I installed a Q4 and Super stock foot pegs. I just got back from a spirited ride wreaking havoc on the surrounding dirt/gravel roads. Love the suspension and the pegs.

I've got a red Acerbis 5.8 that will be getting installed when we start having some nice hot days. That will make it easier to install.

Here's my pig post surgery.


Here's the super stock peg. Nice and W I D E!!


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Hey there Donkk, on your photobucket.com main page, if you put your mouse on the picture you want, there should be a small drop down menu that appears below the picture, and you can then left click on the IMG code, usually the one on the bottom, and it will say "copied." Then you can come over here and right click and "paste" the IMG code in your response/reply. That should work for you. Hope I've been some help. Here you go...



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My XR6R Tractor.

Bought in the rough. going to add, new side plastics (white) gripper seat cover (black), paint frame (silver or hammertone gray), and try to home polish all aluminium.

already added, new Acrbis DHH headlight, UFO rear fender, Renthol bar, horn, blinkers and mirrors.

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[quote name=Vineboy;7875589

My XR6R Tractor.

Bought in the rough. going to add' date=' new side plastics (white) gripper seat cover (black), paint frame (silver or hammertone gray), and try to home polish all aluminium.


:-) That sounds familiar & will look nice. Polishing the alum side covers is surprisingly easy. Just did the flat faces of the side covers. Start with 400 grit & mineral spirits, 600 grit and went right to 1500 polishing grit. 400 to get the paint off, 600 to smooth the finish & 1500 to polish it out. Never did take a buffing wheel to it. Not yet anyway.

If I were to do it again, would probably choose the next darker hammered gray.

Nice tractor, enjoy!

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