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hello guys, greeting from Croatia :)
i own '83 XL600R and '01 XR650R
both of theese bike are awesome. i use XL more for heavier offroad riding and XR for eaisier tracks.
here are some photos hope you like them :) 











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Just picked up this piece of Honda history last week: 1986 XL600R. The wife was leery of my middle-aged decision but I told her I had her name specially painted on the tank. She smiled. A little sea foam and jet adjustment and I'll be chugging through the woods. After spending the summer getting used to the bike, I may attempt a scrambler rebuild.Foxy XL600 small.jpg

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Couldn't handle all the white. Mixed it up a little with black vinyl and red black paint. Built a rear rack too.




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Here's my 2008 xrl, mostly ready for the summer riding season. SW motech racks, taillight eliminating light thing, 5.8 acerbis tank, acerbis hand guards. Still need some little finishing touches, like gps mount and turn signals.


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6.6 gal tank = 41.25 pounds full something to consider when setting up front suspension.

Is it 6.6 or 5.8? I remember seeing it advertised as a 5.8, but everyone seems to reference it as a 6.6.

My suspension is set up pretty bad at the moment. Bike came with a lowering link installed and no factory link. I'm only 5' 9" so I'm hesitant to buy a factory link, but at the same time in my experience lowering links screw up linkage geometry and ruin the handling. I once lowered an xr650r, the link came off after the first ride. I bought a few lowered street bikes and put the back to stock height with similar results.

So at the moment I have no plan for suspension. At 160 lbs it should be sprung about right, assuming the link was removed and the fuel tank was half full. Loaded with camping gear it will be soft, but I don't ride aggressive like that anyways. One day I should ride to a honda dealer and sit on a stock bike just to see what the height is really like. The local dealer is useless if you're not buying a side by side, so it would be about a 3 hour round trip just to sit on a bike.

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I have a 2009 XR 650l first thing I did was to take it over to a suspension specialists. I told him what I wanted at 5' 5" and 150 we did front springs and rear spring. We talked a lot before anything was done,how much weight is going to be on the bike,what type of riding I was going to do. Their are many variables it can be a mind bender. The guy is a pro took his time with doing the sag and measuring and recheck ,recheck measure measure with me on the bike off the bike. Also I wanted a Scotts steering dampener love it. Suspension set up makes the bike fit like a glove and you don't get unexpected handling because you become part of the bike.

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Picked up this 01 up last week. As there is little legal dirt left around here it will get more street oriented over time.

New OEM plastics in the mail, bags removed & threw the stock tank back on.

The plus side is how strong it runs and starts easy. With 13/45 sprockets its quick

but not super fast. I avoid the fwy so it works. Have 13/14/15 spares, but might lust leave it as is.

I believe 13/45 is very close to the stock 14/48.











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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1430883302.250725.jpg

Just found this '08 with 3900 mi. My first dual sport. Ready for a few minor mods. Wanting to leave mostly original.

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attachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1430883302.250725.jpg

Just found this '08 with 3900 mi. My first dual sport. Ready for a few minor mods. Wanting to leave mostly original.

Nice looking bike, same year as mine. Color looks good like it was garage kept. Looks like OEM tires.

First thing you want to do is de-smog it. You'll love the bike. Sooner or later it will be time to get a jet kit and a slip-on exhaust. (It will run cooler and better).

Doug, first thing to buy is a "service manual" (not the owners manual). AND maintain it.

Nice purchase, treat it well and you will be very happy!

Ride On!

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      Well cared for 2001 XR650R for sale.  I am the original owner and bought it new in Feb 2002.  Don't know exactly how many miles are as they didn't come with odometers but I would estimate 5-7K.
      Lots of upgrades including Clark 4.3g tank, Cycra Handguards, Magura oversize bars, excel rims front and back, skid plate , radiator guards and a scotts damper sub mount (mount only), rear disk guard and oversize springs.  I still have the original parts I took off so going back to stock spring rate/gas tank/skidplate/... wouldn't be a problem.
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      Will the front Maier disc/fork guards for an XR600 work on the 2006 XR650L?
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      Sorry all.  I'm sure there is plenty of info on the forum regarding this topic already, but I am apparently challenged when it comes to searching.  I do not know much about jetting but have been researching and readying about the "Dave's Mods" and am confident i  can handle that and plan to do it to the bike shortly after i get it (couple weeks away).  The bike is completely stock presently with very low miles (just over 100).  Question is this:  I don't plan any internal engine mods but I do plan to de-smog right away.  When $$ permits I plan to do the following all at once:  Uni filter and remove snorkle; FMF Q4 (possibly with the stock headpipe or power bomb ); Dave's mods to carb.  Like i said I do not know much about jetting but I did have installed a dynojet kit in my Brute Force when i put on the new muffler and filer.  I see they have a Stage I and Stage II available that would appear to fit the bill in my case.   Which one should i go with?  I am looking more for proper jetting with the increased air flow and to correct the lien issue than I am for shear power.  Also, would I be better off just ordering the specific jets as i have seen elswhere on the forum from jetsrus or whatever the site is?  I will ride primarily Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan so no crazy elevations to consider.   Thanks in advance for helping out an old guy new to the forum!
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      Hello All,
      I recently started a project where I purchased a 1987 Honda XL600R basket case.  The engine required too much to repair it, so I purchased a 1987 XR600R solely for the engine.  I have already mounted the XR engine into the XL frame, see the images below.
      This is not my first rodeo, plus I have an Electro-mechanical Engineering background.  I am seeking advice from experienced persons that have done this engine swap in the past and what needs to be done that i might have overlooked.
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