Few weeks after fitting Hotcams ?

Hello all, I fitted a hotcam exhaust cam a couple of weeks ago and probably only have an hour or two of riding time since doing the swap over.

Is it necessary to re-torque or re-check clearances after "break in" period?

Thanks for the info.


Retorquing shouldn't be necessary. Clearance will not likely change, either, but a general inspection of the cam lobes and lifters for abnormal wear can't hurt anything.

So what's your opinion on the cams?

was wondering what you thought of the mod-- performance wise etc.....??

Performance wise i wouldn't say there is a huge difference, but i haven't yet done the in take cam. So when i want a little more kick i can do that mod. But it is a noticeable difference in power.

As for ease of starting... JUST DO IT !!! You will love it !!! and will not look back at all.

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