help with rear brake

I need some help with my rear brake. :D I have thetrick dual sport kit which requires a brake light switch plug screw placed in the rear master cyclinder where the regular brake line bolt inserts. Pumped thousand of times and can ot get any pressure in the rear calipers. Everything is tight. Dot 4 brake fluid. Rear brake pads do not move at all. :) Help.

Sounds like you must have air in the line. I got lucky doing mine. Maybe loosen it back up a tad and wait for it to drip then tighten it back up and bleed the brakes.

Try putting the stock bolt back in and see if you get pressure, you may have a bad switch.

Just keep trying. The system doesnt move much fluid when it has air in it. Make sure the resivour lid is lose to it can take in air. This will aid it in bleeding. Or crack the bleeder, keep the resivior highest and it will dribble, close it off and bleed it then. I had the same problem, sooner or late,r it will take and go fast, just starts out real slow.

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