Tall gearing for street-what to run

got a few questions for you gusy that dual-sport your YZF's

Will a 15 or 16 tooth Counter-shaft sprocket fit with-out hitting the engine case?

what kind of gearing are you guys running who have plated yz426's?

My paperwork is done-i just got to go down the the DMV

Hey... I'm not sure if the 16T will fit, but I have ran the 15T but you will have to take off the guard and case saver to fit it. I am currently using a 13/42 combo for the street. I can cruise nicely in 3rd at 60km/hr and max speed of 140km/hr to the rev limiter. I have tried the 15T but didn't like it because it made first gear way too long for the stop and go traffic. I have also tried 15/42 and had a max speed of 150km/hr and had great top end power but lost all the fun in the lower gears. I think the 13/42 combo is the best for both highway and the intown stuff. :)

13/42 ,max of 140kph sounds good. Can u still wheelie with that gearing?

I run 14/47 but I also have a WR tranny, so that kinda throw things out the window.

The gearing seems about perfect this way, but I'm more worried about off-road performance than highway cruising.

Good luck at the DMV. :)

13/42 ,max of 140kph sounds good. Can u still wheelie with that gearing?

Oh yeah! It will definatly wheelie still..........easy into 4th gear anyway. If I wheelie from 4th-5th it will hang the wheel untill I run out of rpm.

i think i'm going to try 14, 47 and see how thats like

right now its at 13-51 and it power wheelies in 5th!

Guy before me raced hair scrambles

14/47 is almost the same ratio once you work it out.



Actully, if Im not mistaken 14/47 is a tiny bit slower

I run a 13/48 on my 400. its not super fast (75mph in 5th half throttle) but it still works alright to ride from driveway to trailhead and ride the tight stuff.

Yz400 street legal

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