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'05 WR450F AIS removing help

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New with a '05 WR450F :) , I live in Chile (South America).

I´ve been following the forums and now it's clear to me the benefits of removing AIS.


Considering that here in Chile I don´t have a quick access to an AIS Removal Kit, may I just cut the three hoses that goes to the AIS pump and cap them with a bolt (screw) and clamp ?

Thank you for your advice.

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I'll do that. :):D

Sure is the same as taking it all out and filling the holes with the plugs that come with the kit you have in the State.

Thank you :):D

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I went in on my 'O5 WR and made my own AIS removal kit for the single reason I could not see a picture or find a description of what you get in the kit offered on this website.

Here's what I came up with.

The air box comes with a plug covering the bottom drain.

I removed it and put in on the AIS supply nipple off the top of the air box. I left the air box drain open because I prefer the air box to "self drain". The 1/4" nipple up against the head I plugged with a rubber cap and used the same wire clip. For the air injection nipple (on the head), I put a piece of 3/8" steel rod in my drill press and filed it down until it was about .005" bigger than the ID of the nipple. Heating the nipple up to red, I tapped in the (now frozen) rod. Rather permanent but it ain't comin out or loosening off.

Project cost was about $2.00.

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OK, bigblue, you have good skills on that :) , I'm not good in mechanics :D .

But please tell me if what I did last nite is OK and wont damage my brand-new bike. :)

1) I disconnected the three rubber hoses from the AIS pump.

2) Removed the AIS pump but left the 3 rubber hoses as is.

3) Took 2 bolts and covered the threaded part with tape to adjust them to the 2 bigger hoses, then plugged them and used the same clamps.

4) Plugged the small rubber hose with a small plastic screw.

Is it OK?

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Just to mention that I have problem with warm starting, it doesn´t start unless I put the choke. Also a lot off backfire, and a poor idle.

I did:

- Throttle stop cutting (to 25mm total, and 20 mm of thread, is it OK? :) )

- Baffle removal

- Snorkel out & holes in air box

- Grey Wire

- AIS out

This weekend I'll ride and see how it works before doing more mods (Jetting?).

Thank you.

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