2000 xr 600r

I have got a 2000 xr 600r. it is built 10 over. my? is how can i make it run cooler instead having to spend $400 on an oil cooler? is there a different kind of oil that i can use? i am using honda 10w30 now. thanks for all help

Can we have that in ENGLISH please?

is there any other way to make xr 600r run cooler than having to buy a $400 oil cooler

I for one would not run a 10W30 in the bike unless it's below freezing outside. Your bike will start out with a 30wt and it will shear down from there, which means you'll soon be running something less than a 30wt and that may not be the best idea for the longevity of your engine unless your monitoring wear and keeping an eye on things through oil analysis. I'd recommend sticking with a good quality 10W40 or 15W40 for mild climates and a 20W50 for hot climates.

First make note of what oil & engine temperatures you're running through some kind of instrumentation so you know where things currently stand. This way you'll know if you're really running too hot or not. What kind of oil temperatures are you currently running?

Make sure your clutch is properly adjusted and hooking up good because it can generate a lot of heat if its slipping.

Make sure your bike isn't jetted too lean. Running too lean of mixture can signficantly elevate your engine temperatures.

You can also try a fully synthetic oil that has a very high ester content such as Maxima Ultra 5W40. It's going to cost you some bucks though, but it should buy you a little temperature relief in addition to other benefits.

Also, keep an eye on eBay for used oil coolers that might work.

I can't believe I'm actually going to do this :naughty: because I rarely if ever recommend additives and don't believe in 99% of them :naughty:, but if nothing else works and you're completely out of ideas, then there is one additive you can try called Two2Cool www.two2cool.com who is also a TT site sponsor that 'might' offer some benefit. I personaly don't buy all their claims and I don't use their product in any of my equipment nor have I ever recommend it to anyone, but...maybe you'd be a good test candidate if your bike is running at extreme temperatures and nothing else is working :D

I have got a 2000 xr 600r. it is built 10 over. my? is how can i make it run cooler instead having to spend $400 on an oil cooler? is there a different kind of oil that i can use? i am using honda 10w30 now. thanks for all help

1) switch to delo 400 or some other 15W-40

2) are you ten over with a high compression piston? if you're close to stock compression you should not be getting all that hot.

3) are you positive you're not jetted a little lean?

What qadsan, said, I agree use a good synthetic oil.. :naughty: that should bring down the temp some........... :naughty:

I understood the english 1st time . Is it me ? Anyhow My .o2 worth . My old yam xt500 used to run real hot from cam & high comp piston . (I installed ). So hot my right boot would feel like its on fire and I kept looking to see if it was ! The clear vent on gas cap kept perculating when we took long breaks , so I took off cap to see if there was pressure build up and found gas was actually boiling inside (BIG TIME)! ( alum tank) So I tried to get tank further from engine and insulate frame tube more. But I always ran the snot outta bike and in S. Fl. tight trails and no problems . Oil is still cheap for 2 qt frequent changes. Filter every other change. ( about every 4-5 rides at approx 4 hrs each) If I were you, I would double check with another same bike to compare temps and other factors before anything .Good luck , Keep us posted.

synthetic oil won't necesarily bring down the temps, it's just that they are more tolerant of high temperatures.

If you are serious about making a significant reduction in oil temps on your air cooled bike, put the oil cooler on. The bigger the better.

I have a 87xr600 which is punched first over and I am running a high compression wiseco. With no heat problems. I agree with others here, check your jetting, I have seen others do the fin extension deal to dissipate heat. I run synthetic because it can handle the heat. I also run premium to keep the predetonation down. The hottest conditions Ive ridden in were 95 degrees and 90% humidity in tight trails in first gear. The bike didn't like it and neither did I but it was not unbearable. Does your exhaust glow red hot in normal weather? On a wr450 thats normal on a xr 600 its not which is also a sign of it being too lean. Let us know please.

I've also seen guys trim their front fender more to get better airflow. Do you have any addtional skid plating? Anything that might obstruct airflow over the fins??? Just thinking of ways to drop the temp.

thanks for all the info it helps alot

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