When doing auto-cam, should I.......

No, I'm Ti only by virtue of having opened my mouth 2000 or more times. :naughty:

I was right once, it means nothing. :D

Don't be diissin' Satch, now. :naughty: (jk)

I was just trying to be funny. I saw that he was close to TI. No diss intended.

Crabtree.....no harm no foul......hey look....I am 8 posts away from TI LOL

I was just trying to be funny. No diss intended.
We knew dat. :naughty:

Satch, Let me help your status, what's your favorite color? I gotta know. LOL

my favorite color?/ um...lemme see......."fucia" ? :naughty::naughty::D:D

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