real quick..02 650L $3200 y/n

buddy trying to sell me his Ca plate, 02 650L, 2K mi, like new for $3500. good deal, or wait 4 something better?(assuming that the bike fits my needs)

EDIT:It's $3500(thread title typo)

That is the going rate for Ca. An 02 with only 2K miles is about right if not a little higher then 3500 bucks. Those hold there value fairly well. If it's what you are looking for go for it!

sounds about right. try to get it for $3200. just a thought.

sounds ok if it's clean, gave $3200 for mine with 990 miles on it (a 2001) 8 months ago.

I got an 02 with 2200 miles for $3000 last fall, but it needed tires. I'd say go for it, I think they still book for $3995.

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