just wanted to say after reading these forums & my cow (kawasaki) dealer 60 miles away. I went to a honda dealer 12 miles away found a 2004 Big Red Pig L 650. leaving it stock untill the 30 day warranty is up. my farm is growing a cow with socks & now a big red pig. :naughty:

It was a used bike? The L carries more than a 30 day warrantee. The R model has a 6 month warrantee I would imagine an L would at least have 6 months.

Yep I just checked the L carries a 1 year warrantee with the option to purchase more as long as you do it before the 1 year expires. If it was a used bike I can understand it having 30 days left on it but if it was a new 04 purchased off the floor in 05 it still good for 1 year. But you probably already know that. :naughty:

Congrats char700, you'll like this bike, go ahead and order your Edelbrock now.

Just wait till you un-cork it, you're in for a surprise

yes it was a lightly used 700 miles. hope you guys are right about uncorking this beast i seem to need more power or maybe im crazy

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