Starting again

Hello thumpers,

Im 32 yrs old and had my 426 01 for 2 months now.

The last bike I had was when i was 15 yrs old which was a Honda TL 125 4 stroke trails bike,I was into bmx as a kid and for the past 2 yrs done quite a bit of mountain biking.Ive ridden my 426 about 7 times now just getting used to the power etc, the last 2 rides i went out with 2 local lads 16 and 17 year old, they both race mx, crf (250)and i couldnt belive how slow and naive i felt next to these guys they were so fast and handled their bikes so well with such confidence.

I thought iwas doing quite well until this, and it knocked me 4 six :naughty: ,should i carry on, or just sell the bike and call it day, im dead keen to improve my skills do you think i can still achevie a decent status in a few years or am i too old to start over.

Should i have started off on a lower cc bike?

Any riding tips would be helpful, im not racing just trials and practice tracks.

Best regards

J :naughty:

First of all it is going to take a lot more than 7 rides to get completely comfortable with your bike,especially if you haven't ridden in a while. You shouldn't get discouraged because someone is better than you. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE BETTER THAN YOU. There is a little homemade track out by me and there are these two kids out there every weekend. These kids are SICK. Most of the time they are the sickest out there, and the can't be older that 12 years old. Another big factor is I used to be a lot crazier on a bike when I was 12 than I am now. They don't think they can get hurt and if they do they heal quick and don't have to work in the morning. I love to ride but I have to be careful because if I get hurt and can't work, that means that I can't pay the bills and my family won't have a place to sleep at night. So just ride to have fun not to be as good as everybody else. :naughty:

Stick with it. It takes time to get fast again. There is no rush to get fast quick...chances are you are not going to turn pro, the same with most of us. So there is no need to push yourself to be the best. Even with all the racing I do, when I stop having fun, no matter how well I am doing, my riding will be over. Its all about having a good time with good people.

I'm 47 and ride in a smoking jacket and slippers, enjoy the bike and forget the rest because your reactions dont get any faster the bruises just take longer to go. :naughty:

I was told i was never gonna make it riding a 2 wheeler cuz i constantly kept crashing out in the dunes... well guess what... i turn heads now when those people told me no i couldnt do it, i just got back up and kept riding... Now i can keep up w/ them without any problems and even ride a bit better than them... :naughty:

Life's short. The clock is ticking. No better time than the present. Ride. :naughty:

Even if both kids had been riding for only 2 months and you really did suck as bad as you think, I'd still tell you to keep riding.

Chances are good that with your late start you'll never be as good or as fearless as the kids are, but then again they don't have as much to lose if they break a leg or arm either.

Chances are 100% that you'll have a great time riding either way. And that's what its all about.

I'm also back after a 20 year break. I had a Kawasaki 100 trail bike when I was 14 and didn't ride again until 6 months ago - at 35 - when i bought the YZ450. I know its more bike than I'll ever use, but my goal was never to go out and bang huge tripples or anything like that. I just love the power and like to ride wheelies.

Enjoy the bike and learn at your own pace. :naughty:

Thanx for the replies , a very positive feedback from all u guys from the US.Your comments have given me a boost ,and i will go out sunday now with a different attitude :naughty:

J :naughty:

Yup, ride safe and have fun.... fast is Over rated :D.... i am 42 and ride to ride i ride on street and dirt.... however...speed is not where it's at...Fun is :naughty: so Enjoy!


JayG where about are you Riding Trails?


Im from burnley in lancashire,but moved to weir in rossendale last year,all the trails i ride are around bacup,todmorden,whitworth areas, some great rides and a good few tracks in this area.

where r u from?

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