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Something's wrong with the VIN codes

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I never checked my bikes until now and it does not make sense, maybe the earlier posted only applies for WR's??

My frame numbers:

'04 450 is: CJ05C-00034?

'02 426 was: CJ01C-03073?

'03 TTR125 is: CE12Y-00163?

'03 TTR90 was: CB03W-01459?

'05 YZ125 is: JYACE15C00000935?

'05 YZ85 is: JYACB09C00000140?

The last ?-mark is a number.

Someone, any idea what is wrong? :naughty:

To get this right helps the one who is in need of determining the year of his bike. I really can't get the below to fit my bikes.

Earlier posted:

The tenth digit/letter in the yamaha VIN is the year of manufacture.

The letters I, O, Q, U, Z are not used to avoid confusion with numbers.

1980 A

1981 B

1982 C

1983 D

1984 E

1985 F

1986 G

1987 H

1988 J

1989 K

1990 L

1991 M

1992 N

1993 P

1994 R

1995 S

1996 T

1997 V

1998 W

1999 X

2000 Y

2001 1

2002 2

2003 3

2004 4

2005 5

Everything that follows the year digit/letter is the serial number, i.e. a sequential value that shows when the bike came off a given production line.

so, "JYACH01W3WA001674"

is a 1998 (W) model WR400F, and this was the 1674'th bike produced from production line "A".

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