OEM dual sport equipment from another country?

I did a search in this forum on dual sport equipment, and about the best thing I saw was offered by Trick Dual Sport. Nice stuff, but I wondered if any of you gurus had thought of trying to contact a dealer in Canada, Australia or Europe to try and get OEM equipment. I KNOW I've seen the WR450 in OEM DOT trim, but can't find a pic of one. Haven't really tried though...Anyone else thought of this already?? :naughty: Doesn't seem to be much out there that is '05 WR specific, as far as kits go. :naughty:


The 05 comes in Europe with dualsport kit mounted from factory. I talked to my local dealer and he said that they were glad to not have to mount the kit themselves anymore. So I guess that it will be hard to buy the kit separately.

Rumors says that new European laws requires the motorcycle to be street legal from factory. Then if you don't want flashers, horn etc. you simply remove them.

On my 03 the kit came in a box straight from Yamaha motor Scandinavia and I assembled it my self. The same goes for the 04

One nice feature with the OEM kit was that since it is made by Yamaha everything fits. No splicing into wireharnesses the cable assembly comes with all necessary contacts so it's nearly a plug 'n play system.

If you get the chance to buy one of these kits and you want do DS your bike.....GO FOR IT

I contacted a dealer in Australia about a year ago to get the prices. The grand total for all the pieces was around $575 US, before shipping. Go with the Trick Dual sport kit or make your own. Lots of old posts here covering the parts you'll need to do it yourself.

If buddy of mine still works for Yamaha Finland, I can ask how much it cost.

I too would love to get my hands on one of these OEM Yamaha dual sport kits, I thought about dual sporting my wr450 when I got it but after looking around I was disappointed with the available kits, they all look like cheap afterthoughts and don't look factory at all... then one of the Australian members posted a picture of his new bike (with the aussie dual sport kit) and I loved it.

Yeah, I'd really like to have a plug and play setup from the factory. What concerns me is the rear fender. I'd like to use the stock tail light if possible. I have an under the fender light that I can use, but who the heck wants 2 tail lights??? :naughty: I have not even looked to see if the stock socket can be wired for a brake light yet though. :D I like the UFO all in one setup that I've seen, but again, 2 tail lights. A good spot to mount the plate is still another concern of mine. I'd like for it to all look as clean as possible.

I've built my own kits in the past, and the one for my last bike was built almost entirely from scratch. :naughty: I'm sure that I can make almost anything work, but I don't really want to get into cutting lots of wires and re-splicing them on a brand new ride.

I would go for one of Dale's kits if I knew how he has sorted out the rear of this particular bike. I've been reading great things about his products over the years, and have not yet ruled him out. :D

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