05 XR650L Rack Info ?

Good Morning from Calgary

Newbie XR650L owner and having problems finding a decent rack, whoops, make that any racks available in Canada.

Info or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks !


not many racks to choose from for the xr650l, Scott Summers (SRC) has one, I think Dual Star still lists one ... I think the reason for limited choices is the fact that the rear subframes have a cracking problem when loaded with more than a few pounds ... most guys go with a backpack, and saddlebag type luggage ... rear of the seat is OK for weight ...

I have a Happy trails rear rack for my L. Its the only rack that I found that would still allow you to use the tool bag. Their web site is www.happy-trail.com I've been real happy,price is about $150.00. Hope this helps.

I have this one, works great. Ships worldwide...

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