Hey, KaBooM! ?'s about SynergySeals

I was looking at your website, www.synergyseals.com, & have a few questions:

1. Nowhere (that I could find) on the site does it explain why your seals are any better than any other seals on the market. What makes Synergy Seals better?

2. $25 for a "seal insertion tooling" sounds like a good deal, as long as it's not an 80¢ pvc coupling, and a couple of breeze clamps, or a thin teflon strip. How come there aren't any pics of the "tooling" on the website? I can't speak for everyone, but I know I wouldn't pay $25 for any tool unless I saw it first.

I think that for my forks, $45 for seals & $25 for an insertion tool are a worthwhile investment IF I had at least some explanation for why what I was buying is a superior product, & better knowledge of what the "tooling" was.



Please note, that since posting this, I "stumbled" upon the two2cool thread (all 25 friggin' pages of it... :) ) in the 250 forum, & don't want this to become the monster that it has, I am simply asking for more info.


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