WR450 Battery Charge Port


Since you have a Trick Dual Sport kit, you can plug the charge wire directly into your AUX port of the kit. That is a fused link directly to your battery.


There is not much excess wattage available on the WR's for accessories. Check the specs on the rectifier wattage. For example, if you move the headlight to the DC circuit off the battery, the battery will drain out in 1/2 hour unles you go down to a 30watt light bulb. Found this out with a Baja Designs dual sport kit on a WR250 runnig a high rpm on gravel roads.

Another option is a Battery Minder.

I plug in my battery while it's in the bike if I know it will sit any long period of time. It has taken my battery a couple of months to drop a tenth of a volt. I only had to charge it severly times this winter to top it off.


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