First grasstrack race

first official race of anytype for me at the tender age of 34.

Went to Scramble club race in Northern Tasmania.

Raced in modern 4 stroke open class and quickly realised that a 400 today is'nt a big dirt bike. KTM 620s 525 loads of crfs and loads of proper blue bikes , lots of 450's.

didn't shame myself too bad but did have the girliest of crashes in the practice lap, yes the practice lap. stalled bike when i locked up to avoid other bike( turned idle up next race) and when i got it started, clutched off, looked down to hot start button to switch off ( I will learn to do this by feel very soon i think) and hit a rock a little smaller than a football that rolled a little,,,, and off.

Went with good mate who's has raced for years and that made it all a lot easier. the track was very dry and dusty and was watered a couple of times, big ruts over a foot deep by days end, surrounded by powdered dirt( not very grippy and tastes shit).

Didn't win, didn't expect to, but i didn't come last. I think around 10th -12th out of 18 but not sure, don't really care.

6 y/o son had a go in pee wee class on his pw80, he was thrilled also didn't come last but was up against kx65 and ktm's( there are some animal 9 y/o riders out there) and did well, had bulk fun.

Ive got sore arms, i think they may have stretched, but still buzzing from adrenalin.

18 bikes start is scary but fun.

Anyone else grasstrack?

Congrats :) So your a fellow Tasmanian where you from I'm at Perth.

about 5 k's from you on Pateena rd

A bit closer than i expected! Where do you ride? Had your 400 long?

Got 400 in oct last year after a few years without a bike. used to have xr250(265)

go to Asbestos ranges, Ben Lomond, went to arthur river in Nov, it was great.

have 26 acres where i live and have a couple of tracks and things to play on.

Doing the Pub in the paddock ride later in month, heard heaps about it looking forward to it.

whats your bike?

Ive got a 03 WR450. I ride asbestos and raggedy jack a fair bit during winter but Ive been riding round Mathinna and St helens lately. I haven't done the pub in the paddock as yet but its spouse to be pretty sic hope you have a ball. :)

Hi Bluebike

I am over here in Western Australia and have just started riding. I am friggin 40 and going out for riding lessons with one of the states best vets to try and do this without all the falls. I have my own business to run and cannot afford to break bones and the lot so instead decided after a few soft fall-offs to go to a clinic. However that proved harder than I thought as they are not run over here as they are for you guys over in the east. Eventually I got onto one of our states best riders (he is now a vet I think he classifies himself) and he is showing me how to ride without doing the damage. I do not understand what you mean by "grass riding" other than my simple interpretation that it means riding on a grassy field???

Do you have pics of your day out and the sons ride. I am thinking of getting my boys onto a bike and would like to get your feedback on the one your son rides and how he has learned?

Cheers mate



yeah grasstrack title is fairly simple.

the track was approx 800m most races were 4 laps( thank god thats all)

marked out with small lengths of orange conduit and tape around corners.

It was in a dry grassy paddock that was quite grippy, but it changed as the day progressed and got more chewed up. I was suprised at how deep the ruts became. the local paper said there were 120 bikes there.

Cameron, 6 y/o son has been riding about a year and a half. i help him almost every night and he has been on some pretty hard rides and handled them well. he has three tracks to ride on here and did a 29 foot jump on his peewee 80 last week when i wasn't home. how do i know 29 feet? my friend, an experienced enduro rider saw him and measured it. ( not sure i really like that stuff)

Has had a couple of big stacks, one at about 60km on beach and that seems to have loaded some caution into him, yet he still rides very hard. 4 y/o son currently has a fair portion of skin missing from his face from a stack on a pushbike last night, so he's just about ready for a motorbike.

Keep on with lessons from good riders and you will learn by helping your boy/s learn. In fact 6yo seems to have skills i didnt get until my 20s. Crusty Demon videos are not good. bad ideas in simple minds.

pics below are of me overtaking on a creative line

cameron on the grid waiting to start

cam on track.[/img]


hmmm they arent blue like the others, tell if they dont work and if anyone can see where i ve gone wrong please say.

here is the one i stuffed up and yes, i can see they turn blue when they go on.

thanks frostbite for photobucket instructions on accelerator arm post


In response to feedback about bikes, pw80 is excellent to learn on, but is not a race bike, it's a fun bike. although it's not fun to see him go around a slight corner , standing up with the tail hanging at over 60kph on gravel.

not sure i want him on YZ (he wants a ktm or kx but we'll fix that) i have convinced him that a ttr 125 will suit what we do better, but not till he's around 9-10. he wants to race, we would rather he came and played in the bush tracks with us.

It is a magic feeling going riding with sons, 4 y/o on front of my bike ( he fell asleep 15km from camp last time, just went floppy and i had to ride back hanging onto him) cant wait to get wife another bike so we can all go.

good luck with lessons

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