Unabiker Radiator Guards any imput

dos any body have them and if so how well do they work and if so how about with a over sized tank will they even work :confused:on a 05 wr450

My 05 has Unabikers with a Clarke tank..Fit fine, no clearance problems..Unabikers

Rear view Unabiker rear-side

Just wanted to ask if anyone had problems putting them on. Well I didnt really have a problem it just took me awhile to get them on and I hope im not the only one.

I helped BigDavey(tt newbie) put a set on his 04 wr 450 and it was very easy. I was impressed how they went on, and the black ones he got look real cool too. By the way, I watched him put them to the test, serious abuse, and they really did their job. I was so impressed I am ordering a set. :)

Also check out FLATLAND RACING's rad guards. Similar in the wrap around design. 3 bolts to the frame. 1 color, brushed alu. 75 bucks, and they will give you a TT discount if you ask for it :)

I used a long socket extension to drive in the front mounting bolts to the frame. You have to squeeze the bolt and socket between the guard and the radiator from the side (hence the long extension). Once I fgured that part out it was easy.

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