Standard Jet Sizes for 05 WR450?

I am trying to build my "spare jets" box for my 05 WR450 and need to know what are the standard jet sizes for all. I have the JD Jet Kit so I am good on needles and maybe main jets. Can someone help? Thanks.

Main Jet - 165

Pilot Jet -

Starter Jet -

Main Air Jet -

Pilot Air Jet -

Leak Jet -

Here's the Stock list: 2005 WR450F

main: #165



Leak: #50

Main Air: 2.0

Pilot Air: #80

Cool, thanks a ton. :cry:

Hey Moto, I have a 05 WR450, Baffle out, Snorkle Out, how was the JD and Zip TYe? Did you notice a difference with the grey? What gears do you run? I have 150 miles of Hills (Carnegie and Stonyford) lay it on me......

big diff. with the jd kit and ajustable idle circut. make sure you take the down stream ait off and plug it. you will love the bike with all you have done and doing this. p.s i would not run the bike with stock jetting way to lean.

Are these the stock jetting sizes for the '04 also?

Yamadog - The difference was huge for me. The JD kit comes with suggestions for different altitudes and temps with 2 different needles to choose from and several different main jets. Trust the suggestions, they are really close if not spot on. I did all the mods at one time, so how much each did, I can't really can't tell you, but after they were all done and the bike was jetted correctly... I went from depressed to impressed. :cry: The ZipTy fuel screw is great to have also. If nothing else, pop the plug out so you can at least open the fuel screw up a bit. Good luck.

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