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so today I got my JD jets I have don all of the free mods and the lowdog kit what I am asking is since I removed the baffle and increased the flow which side of the directions due I follow and ya I know its a dumb question

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One side is for the YZ, and the other is for the WR. Look where it says "Instructions" about 1/4 of the way down the page on the left side.

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Heya Indy, do you know where I can find the link to get the part #s for the leak jet and starter jet? :cry: Maybe even where to buy them from? Thanks in advance.....


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Main Jet

4mx-14943-42-00 .jet, Main (#175) Ap 1

4mx-14943-40-00 .jet, Main (#165) Std 1

4mx-14943-91-00 .jet, Main (#168) Ap 1

4mx-14943-41-00 .jet, Main (#170) Ap 1

4mx-14943-92-00 .jet, Main (#172) Ap 1

4mx-14943-93-00 .jet, Main (#178) Ap 1

4mx-14943-89-00 .jet, Main (#158) Ap 1

4mx-14943-39-00 .jet, Main (#160) Ap 1

4mx-14943-90-00 .jet, Main (#162) Ap 1

4mx-14943-88-00 .jet, Main (#152) Ap 1

4mx-14943-38-00 .jet, Main (#155) Ap 1

Pilot Jet

4mx-14948-06-00 .jet, Slow (#48) Ap 1

4mx-14948-04-00 .jet, Slow (#42) Std 1

4mx-14948-05-00 .jet, Slow (#45) Ap 1

4mx-14948-07-00 .jet, Slow (#50) Ap 1

4mx-14948-01-00 .jet, Slow (#35) Ap 1

4mx-14948-02-00 .jet, Slow (#38) Ap 1

4mx-14948-03-00 .jet, Slow (#40) Ap 1

Starter Jet

3tj-1494f-13-00 .jet (#65) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-12-00 .jet (#62) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-14-00 .jet (#68) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-15-00 .jet (#70) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-16-00 .jet (#72) Std 1

3tj-1494f-17-00 .jet (#75) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-20-00 .jet (#82) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-18-00 .jet (#78) Ap 1

3tj-1494f-19-00 .jet (#80) Ap 1

Main Air Jet

5ta-14943-27-00 .jet, Main (#100) 1

5ta-14943-15-00 .jet, Main (#70)

Pilot Air Jet

7a9-14943-27-00 Jet (#100)

7a9-14943-17-00 Jet (#75)

Leak Jet

4jt-1494f-19-00 .jet (#80) Ap 1

4jt-1494f-15-00 .jet (#70) Std 1

4jt-1494f-23-00 .jet (#90) Ap 1

4jt-1494f-03-00 .jet (#40) Ap 1

4jt-1494f-07-00 .jet (#50) Ap 1

4jt-1494f-11-00 .jet (#60) Ap 1

4jt-1494f-27-00 .jet(#100) Ap 1

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