cr250 fender on an xr600???

I'm looking to spruce up the pig with some new black plastic. i tried painting the fenders at first with krylon fusion paint, but the paint had no filling characteristics and looked really bad (showed all the small imperfections even after sanding). So i figured i would just go ahead and buy the new stuff when i get a bit of dow. Is maier the only company that makes black plastic for the xr600s? I'd like something with a bit of an aftermarket look if possable. i heard somewhere that a Cr250 fender will fit on a xr6, not sure if thats true or not. i just want the front and rear fenders. the side panels I'm planning on just using some black vinyl for the number area and then leaving the trim white. any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated...


I put a 93-96xr 400 black acerbis front on my xr 650r fits perfect. You can get some maier or similiar universal plastics and cut your own holes try white brothers.:cry:

I believe Acerbis makes a CR-style rear fender that fits XRs is a selection of colors. Downside is its something like $45-50. Older CR front fenders seem to fit as thats what have(in black). You'll have to trim the back because it will hit the header and obstruct air from the head. My '92 CR250 had black UFO fenders and sides with Maier radiator shrouds. To tell you the truth, all black was a pain in the ass to keep nice.

"To tell you the truth, all black was a pain in the ass to keep nice"

but it looks so a rear cr250 fender will fit without modification?

Unfortunately no, it will not. You have to do some cutting and drilling and in the end it still doesnt look like it belongs there. Thats why I mentioned the Acerbis pieces. They are bolt-on for XRs, but shaped like an older(pre-'97) CR part. Thats why they are $20 more than a regular fender.

thanks hill5150 and headtrauma......I'm attempting one last time to krylon fusion paint the fenders i have for the time being....but i think ill just hold off for a little while and go with Cr front fender and acerbis rear.......ill let you know how the painting turns out....

I have bought a rear fender to a YZ426 and tries to fit it on. Havn't recived it yet but I tried with my enduro rearfender for my WR426 on the XR600 and it looks like it would suit pretty well. Off course i will have to do some drilling and cutting so we have to se the result..

Thanks FREDDA....ill be curious to see how that turns out. the fenders i painted actually look pretty good, ill just have to Waite and see if they still look good in 7 days. Does anyone know at what point i should put the clear coat on? Its been 24 hours now and I'm wondering if i have to Waite 7 days until they are completely cured.

Can you clearcoat Fusion? If so, it would sure help the gloss. I figured regular clearcoat would not be compatible with Fusion or that it would crack when flexed. Anyone tried clearcoating the stuff?

well the guy at the hardware store seemed to think you someone in a past forum had mentioned doing it. my front fender ended up being too screwed-up to really like something a little bit shorter and more stylized then the OEM fenders. i cant seem to find anywhere that sells aftermarket fenders on the web. i know that ufo and other companys make some sweet looking ones but no one seems to have them. anyone know if a yz fender would fit alright? i like the shape and contours of it.

Something to think about is a supermoto fender. I think they're smaller than stock. That or a late model CR. Those are alot smoother looking than the prior styles.

will all these fenders fit? also, does anyone know a good place to find them...

autobody paint shops have had a plasticizer additive for years, to shoot the flexible car bumpers with ... I have zero experience with it, but a body man should be able to advise on this matter ...

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