Scored a new ride (to me) - 99 WR400

Thanks to all of you who helped me in my quest, answering all of my ignorant questions. I picked the bike up on Friday night and got it on the trail for the first time yesturday evening. I only got to go for a short ride, but oh yes!:cry:

That bike is so much fun and so forgiving. I'm a rookie rider and didn't have any problems. The excelleration is incredible and the ride is amazing. My riding skills need to improve before I can fully appreciate this bike, but I'm ok with more ride time.

I found I need to replace my kick start arm. Where are you guys buying parts?

Congrats on owning a great bike! Every time I fire mine up I get a smile knowing that it's the right bike for me. Check or for OEM parts at a reasonable price. Ron Ayers has an online microfice which is easy to use. Here's the part, it's $90 for a whole kick starter.

Congratulations! :cry: Welcome to the blue side of TT.:cry:

I can't wipe the grin off. Is that a bad thing?

If its makes you feel better, my old yz'ed wr400 is twice as fast as the new 450. I'm keeping it as my race bike..:cry: Congratulations anyway..:cry:

What have you done to your 450 dom. And are you serious. I wan thinking of getting a 450 in a couple years but if it isn't any more than my old wr 400 then It will be a 525 or nothing. Can't wait to get my hands on that 300 exc!

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