Greasin' the XR650L?

At various places in my shop service manual it calls for a Lithium Based Multipurpose Grease (NLGI #2 or equivalent). There are also sections where the service manual calls for a Molybdenum Grease. I went into the local Honda Dealership to purchase these two items and they had no idea what I was talking about. They offered up some general purpose grease with no indication of it being a Lithium based or Molybdenum Grease. What do you guys think? Does anyone know where these items can be purchased online? Or can you recommend a brand that can be purchased at a auto parts store?


Lithium grease is most commonly a white color and I believe molybdenum grease is like blackish/graphite colored bearing grease. Autoparts stores should carry at least some kind of moly grease and if all else fails, the wrong lube is better than none at all. Some big brands are Sta-Lube, Mobil, Valvoline, Shell, Exxon, and Chevron.

I have no idea what grease goes where. I just use whatever I have in the garage. Currently its red multipurpose Mobil synthetic.

I'm not even sure what I use but it works :cry::cry:

the Sta-Lube Molybdenum grease is in the Black tube, if thats any help

How many grease guns/pumps do you have in your garage?? I just use the one I already had for my boat trailer with lithium bearing grease for everything on my XR, like HeadTrauma said better than none I guess.

Hey, your honda dealer sounds like mine here, he probably couldn't answer that question either. Last time I went to mine was for a sproket and he told me doesn't stock sprokets and chains... isn't that a wear part that every brand dealer should have in stock??

Frustrating when you have such competent local support :cry:


I just picked up "Exxon lidok cg moly chassis grease" The container says that it contains moly disulfide & polymers, and that it also is a lithium based grease.

I picked the grease up to use on my rear linkage, but will this stuff be ok to use on my new cam & rocker arms ? (moly grease mixed 50/50 with motor oil, per the honda manual)

Thanks Guys!!!

I don't mean to stir anything up, ... but next time, I'd ask someone else at that dealership, or switch dealers, ... that is a pretty common-knowledge question for any entry-level mechanic, they should have been able to help you, IMHO

sorry to post twice,... but yes, your choice pre-assembly lube should work OK,... the main thing, is that its sticky enough to adhere to the wear surfaces for a minute, or less, for lubrication until the oil pump can get pressure up through the system ... keep the RPMs idling on initial startup, unitl you're confident the oil flow is maintained

Lithum grease is used in engine building because it will melt when the engine gets hot and mix with the oil and not stick somewhere in the engine it does not need to be, oil strainer or filter. If moly is all you have just use a little so it won't cause a problem later. I use high temp bearing grease in my linkage fittings. It is a high pressure grease and works well.


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