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Where do you order your oem parts off the internet?

28 posts in this topic - they're in ohio, and fast shipping, great service and know what theyre talking about.

I dont order OEM from anyone else.


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Share on other sites has very low prices for OEM yamaha parts. I have gotten a few parts for my motocross bikes there.
Their prices are marginally lower than TT OEM , and on the recommendation of one or two people here, I figured why not try them. Never again.

I ordered a timing chain and tensioner, plus a couple of other odd parts on Saturday evening, the 26th of January. I fully expected that nothing would come of it until the following Monday, 1/28. Then on the 31st, 4 days later, I got an e-mail saying how glad they were that I had placed an order with them, and that it would ship on Monday, Feb 4th, 7 seven business days after I placed it. It won't be here until this Thursday, the 7th.

Add to to that, I realized that I had forgotten to include a pair of bearings that I wanted with the first order and placed a second one on 1/29. They said they would have those parts on site by 2/4 or 2/5 when I spoke to them on the phone.

Another thing is that it apparently takes UPS a full day to get a package from Jonesboro, AR to Little Rock, AR in order to ship it out here. :busted:

This kind of thing has happened to me at TT OEM, but the outcome was somewhat different. When I placed an order for a mix of parts, some of which were in stock, and others not, I got a phone call asking if I needed the parts they had on hand right away, since they were all related to the same job, or if they should wait until they got the whole order. On another occasion when I placed a follow-up order, they pulled the package out of the shipping department, added the extra parts, then expedited the shipping at no extra cost to me.

So, thanks, but no thanks to crotchrocket. I'll stay with what works.

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