Bike Stand/Lift

I looked at the one at Baja Designs, but a fellow TTer said that it is not the most stable configuration while the bike (XR650L) is running (for checking oil, etc). Could anyone recommend a more stable Lift/Stand for my bike that would work well with the bike engine running? If so, could you also recommend a website to make the purchase.

I've been using the JD Bike Lift for over a year now without any problems for working on my XRL & WRF. I just put some bricks or blocks under the front wheel to help stablize the bike and keep the front end from flopping around. It's about at it's limit with a 370 lb. BFP on it, and it takes a good leg push to get it up in the air. Oh yeah, get a long stick and stand clear when you bring it back to earth. It's quite an event. :cry:

There's always Sears and their ATV/motorcycle stand which I may be looking into now that I have quads.

Have one of the Sears stands! Gets continuous work out around here with all the bikes. Handles my 650R easily, also my KLR. Has tie downs if you want to really stabilize things. I have lifted an old 1100 Yammie with no problems.

I bought my motorcycle lift at KRAGEN Auto Parts .. it is the exact same model as the Sears, etc... but the cheapest price I found...Kragen got $50+ for it last year when I bought mine ... works great, very stable

The Kragen/Sears lift rocks! Cheap and gets my vote for stability.

Bought mine off ebay its a homemade one and it works great. :cry:

Your right Dual Dog it is quite an event shakes my whole basement lol :cry:

DAS DE ONE! I've even started my bike (BRP) with me sitting on it (another 230) and both wheels off the ground.

Your right Dual Dog it is quite an event shakes my whole basement lol :cry:

Only guys that have one of these would understand the "event." And I'm not kidding about the long stick either. :cry:

I recently used the Paradigm Rhino lift down in Mexico to lift a Big Blue Elephant and it easily hoisted the 450lbs.

Paradigm Industries

~ Ken

THAT'S IT!!! You can lift really big ones like Gold Wings. You can even lift your favorite Retard Chariot (sorry quad). :cry:

Same here... :cry:

yup !! :cry::cry:

thanks guys! i'm going to pick one up from sears ASAP!

wanted to thank you all for the advice on the bike lift. i picked up the sears bike jack this weekend ($100). outstanding!! i spent all weekend running around throwning bikes in the air and moving them around the garage (quads, harley, etc). a must have for any at home mechanic!!

They're great, but heavy. I have to keep mine indoors and carry it down stairs to use it.

I have a very old stand from the 70's. It's got 2 saddles that go under the frame rails, adjustable for height and width and a long arm that forms the third leg of a triangle. Works great, weighs nothing and takes up very little room. :cry:

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