JD Jetting Kit?

Ok, I think I might want to re-jet my 04 WR450. Really it runs quite well stock. No changes have been made to the carb and it has 550 miles on it now. What do I need to do and what sizes do I need. I'm new to this so I'd appreicate some help. Thanks.

Jetting will depend on your mods. If it is running well just ride it as is. When she starts to run bad post a jetting question with mods and current weather/altitude. :cry:

Try 165 main, JD red #5, 48 pilot for winter in Arizona and basic mods. :cry:

Yeah, if it's running fine leave it alone. When you do the exhaust, etc you'll need to make adjustments, but until then who cares. You may have to fine tune it for winter riding.

The JD kit will give you two proprietary needles that you can only get from JD. There's a blue and a red one with a different taper to it.

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