05 Tire Question


My WR450 came with a 739 in the front and a 756 in the rear.. :cry: Is this normal on this model? I'm going change out the front before I ride it, heard too many bad things about a 739 front..Just wondering if anyone had this combo on their 05.. :cry: Thanks

My '05 has the same set so I'm sure they all do. I'm also making some changes immediately. I love the 756 front and the Pirelli MT32 front. I'll probably keep the rear 756 on until it wears out or before the first Big 6 GP here in so. Ca. I just bought the Maxxis IT Desert. Its an awesome looking tire with lots of knobs and stiff sidewall. Anyone have any comments about this Maxxis tire?

the IT is great in rocks and wet rocks. overall they are an impressive tire until you hit the mud, or anything soft for that matter. very little traction front or rear.they have a new tire out called SI that is the same compound and carcass as the IT but with a mud friendly tread pattern. i ordered a front,should be here this week. the back looks impressive as well but is not available 'till mid jan. i may try the back after my tenmaster trelleborg wears out,either that or was considering a m5b 140/80 !!! trelle is a good tire but man at $90 a pop i think it might be worth trying sumthin' different. :cry:

You make it sound like the 739 is not a good tire.

(That's what I run on my WR450 in baja front & rear!) :cry:

Feliz Navidad!

Mine came with a 739 front, and 756 rear also. The 739 is ok for a stock front tire. I'm not happy with the 756 rear. It has no side bite when cornering in sand washes.

My clan uses Maxxis IT and Kenda Millville for desert. 739 is junk for off road.


I've used the Kenda Millville on the rear of my two stroke WR 250 and absolutely love that tire. If it holds up as well on the four stroke, that will be my everyday tire. Don't tell anyone the Millville is awesome! It might drive up the price.

739 is junk for off road.


Where have I been? :cry:

739 front and 606 or 739 rear for desert and abusive conditions are tough tires.

Always looking for something better though..... :cry:

What's the latest combo?

Dunlop brainwash.

OEM 739's and 739 AT's are 2 totally different tires! OEM ones are terrible! :cry:

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