Honda's Factory Team Setup

Does anyone know the tire setup that Johnny Campbell and Steve Hengeveld run on their 650R's? I'm not too impressed with my IT, and I think I'm going back to Dunlops.

they run Dunlops because they are sponsored in part by Dunlop.

that doesnt mean its the best tire to go with...just who pays the bills.

to prevent chunking Honda has a machine that shaves down the knobs a bit for the rear 739at. up front it depends on the race. Camp often goes with the 606--trading in loose-stuff traction for a strong carcass. Henge goes for tractino with the 739 or 756...

personally i really like the Kenda Carslbad front and Millville rear on our bike in the dez--affordable and decent milage---for long wear and just overall go anywhere i like the Michelin Desert and Baja. I now have a Metzler Karoo in the rear for dual sport--works good.

The Baja bike I've seen used to run Dunlop 606's front and rear. Last year's bike had a front tire that is not released yet with another 606 rear. I understand they also use 742's. I've been using 606's and 739 A/T's for years in the rear and a Pirelli MT 18 front or Dunlop 742.

The 606's don't dig quite as hard when new but after 300 miles they all feel the same. I get 1200 miles from a 606 and use about 5 a year.

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