rear hub bearing problem

Hi guy i need help. I went to install new bearings in the rear today :cry: .

Well after getting it apart i cleaned the hub and installed the lager of the 2 first. went in tight and what i would say to be normal.well after flipping over and installing the small one i lifted up the rim and :cry: the big one fell out of hub :cry:

I used the socket trick and mad sure to go in even but now i can just about pull it out be hand. any idea's what i can do?

Sorry can't help you here. My bearings lasted over 5 years and are still good.

Go ahead and put red loctite on the bearing seat surface and it will be fine.

Go ahead and put red loctite on the bearing seat surface and it will be fine.
Just be sure to go light so none gets in the bearing.

Thanks guys i was going to try that anyway being i figured it can fall out when it's on the bike.I just wanted to make it so the race didn't spin in the hub.

Merry Christmas :cry::cry:

You coudl also make a shim out of some thin aluminum. A beer can works well!

You said it was kinda tight......It sounds like you might have forced the bearing into the hub COCKED a little......check the hub for cracks around the area

where the bearing installs (seats) What kind of condition was the old bearing in

and how hard was it to remove? You might even have the WRONG bearing :cry:

check the OD with dial caliper.......You shouldn't be having this problem with

a wheel this new.......

BC :cry:

The old bearing was locked solid. I got the correct bearings also.

I think the hub might have been swelled up from old bearing having so much oxidization around it and me removing that now made a slight change in ID of hub.

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