Steering Head 05 450

Anyone else having problems with keeping their headset on the 05 450 tight? When I brought my bike home from the shop the headset was loose. Bought the little spanner wrench to tighten it up...Took the bike out for a 5 minute spin and came back to find the headset had loosened up again. So I went to tighten it again and cranked down pretty firm on it this time. It has held for two rides, but is now loose again. Is there some sort of trick in keeping this thing tight that I do not know about?

The nut above the spanner is very high torque so it should hold it tight, I have not had that problem on my 05

set the top nut to the proper specs. Used to be near 100 ft-lbs. not sure what the 05 specs are.

set the top nut to the proper specs. Used to be near 100 ft-lbs. not sure what the 05 specs are.

105 ft-lbs is what the manual says on the '05, same as before

Make sure the bearing race is seated all the way into the frame. Had the same problem on a freinds 05. We took it apart and seated it properly and have had no problems since.

Safety wire it.

like stated must torque it properly and you should be good. My 426 keep loosening on me until I quit being gentle with it and torqued it down to spec.....never came loose after that.

good point ont the race being loose. These bikes are usually put together quite well at the factory, but it does not hurt to check. Also, lube the bearings. I have heard stories of un-lubed steering head bearings from the factory. (I added a custom zerk fitting to my steering head for the occasional lube without having to disassemble). Saw it on a BBR bike (426) and stole the idea.

As stated above make sure you tighten the first nut "One you use the Special Wrench" so it will suck the bearing into the races properly then loosen and tighten to spec. Then the top nut to proper spec. I think the manual tells you to do his or something very simular.

Grease it then take it back to the dealer and have them do it properly, as they should have in the first place.

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