Rekluse - first ride

I had my first ride with the rekluse fitted to my YZ426 yesterday. First impression, absolutely amazing it makes the bike so easy to ride. Just come flying into a corner slam on the brakes and power out. No stalling and great hookup and acceleration out of the corner and thats with no tinkering with the setup. For someone like me in their forties, not very flexible and a bit slow to move around on the bike it is perfect and I would recommend you try the rekluse. With no clutch and stalling to worry about it might not make me much faster but it will certainly increases my enjoyment level. I have only ridden on a mX track so far but can't wait to hit the trails and those big hills.

I am looking at fitting a hand rear brake lever to replace the clutch lever. What setup are you using. I was thinking of using the hydraulic clutch off a KTM but have been told that they don't move enough fluid to work the rear brake. I have thought about a master cylinder off a road bike but they are too bulky.


Kaj Coulter

Welcome to the church of Rekluse :cry:

I found the same thing with my 2000, I was able to ride it far deeper into the corners and use the rear brake to stear once again.

It is totally weird to keep the gas on and then just lock th back up pivot set and let go as the bike accelerates out

Nothing like a rekluse

Just advise

Get a good ride on it and check your installl gaps adjust if needed.

As far as setup on mine, I run everything as it is, just no clutch, I get the funniest looks when people check out the bike. Wow no clutch

I was thinking of getting one but still undecided... aren't you supposed to keep the clutch lever to override the system?

For me only being an average rider once I set the clutch to my preferred setting there is no need to have a clutch lever the rekluse does it all for me and I much prefer the rear brake to be on the handlebars especially in right hand corners.

I was thinking of getting one but still undecided... aren't you supposed to keep the clutch lever to override the system?

Dont need the clutch if you dont want it, I never installed the override so I dont miss it, Honestly I rid 99% woods, I do ride mx occasionaly I could see how one would want or need one n MX. But for me and my style a quick step on the shifter and the bike lites up

I've got the over ride on mine. Its a must for MX, it also helps finding neutral.

Hey Fellas-

I treated myself to an early Santa this year with a bright shiney new Rekluse Clutch for my 04 YZ45.

I've just ridden it around the neighborhood, but I have a sneaky feeling this thing is the best mod I've added to her. I just can't wait to get it out in the woods tomorrow.

It went in without a hitch, and used 242 and 222 where needed, but I do have a few setup questions for you Veteran Rekluses relating to adjusting the stall speed and clutch play.

Per the instructions- I adjusted the factory clutch perch adjuster above idle to get the correct free play. And with slight finger pressure on the clutch lever, bike in neutral, increasing revs, it sure feels strange to feel the balls engage and take up the lever slack. I have the light "Woods" spring in the Rekluse Clutch Perch adaptor, and can't seem to feel a difference at all in the speed of the engagement while in gear.

While in gear at idle, should the clutch engage right off idle? It dosen't feel like the bike wants to move forward while at idle and in gear, but It concerns me when I tilt the bike over on it's kick stand to get the back tire off of the ground, the wheel spins but I can hold the rear tire from driving forward with the strength in my pinkey finger. Is this ok?

I'm asking because I've adjusted the Rekluse barrel adjuster all over the place and can't really feel a difference in the stall speed. I can't feel much difference in the stall or is it engagement speed no matter if the barrel is to the far left-nearest to the clutch lever, or with the barrel adjusted to the far right with many threads exposed in the Rekluse barrel perch. It still seems to engage at the same point above idle regardless on how the Rekluse perch adjuster is positoned.

The instructions have me just a bit slightly spooked as I don't want any premature failures to the friction plates or this new toy.

I have seen several Rekluse posters mentioning engine stall as you lock the rear- well, it hasn't happened to me yet, but I have just been terrorizing the neighborhood this AM.

I'll report my findings and first ride impressions after todays ride in the Spillway near Laplace, LA.

I'm a solo rider just getting back into the swing of things after outgrowing my 1977 XR-75 nearly 26 years ago, if there are any other South Louisiana Riders in and around the Baton Rouge area in need of another riding buddy, drop me a line at

Any guidance or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.


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