650R and 650L sprockets interchangable?

Can I buy XR650L sprokets for my 650R? I want to go with 15/45 for street and 14/48 for dirt. Will the chain be adjustable for these combinations?

My SM wheels are almost here so I need to get the sprockets soon.


sprockets are not interchangeable. All the sprockets you are looking for are available from Renthal, I'd try purchasing them here on the thumpertalk store first.

also remember that you dont want to use different sprockets with the same chain and vice versa if you are looking for longevity.

Also remember with the 17inch wheels you will get an effective lower final drive...

Thanks guys, I won't get those sprokets then. As for chain longevity, that's fine, I get them cheap anyway. Ordering from the thumpertalk store is great except for Canadian Customs, they take forever. Those bastards have had my motomaster rotor kit since the 28 of Nov. bastards bastards, still not cleared yet.

I believe (but haven't checked) that the 650L uses the old style bolts with the flat contact area as found on the XR600R. As compared to the conical contact area bolts found on the XR 650R and XR400R. The hub bolt pattern should be the same, but you would have to have the right set of bolts.

If it is a 45 you are after, you can get an XR400 rear, as that is the OEM size which means you can get it through Kimpex or whatever. I have ordered Sprocket Specialists sprockets through Baja Designs, and they will send it US postal service which means Purolator will bring it right to your door. Plus their price was better than ordering from SS directly.


I recommend steel sprockets if you want any life out of them, I personally wouldnt run aluminum sprockets if they were free, just my two cents ... also, I cant verify, but I have read on posts in here, that using hardened countershaft sprockets can cause serious wear to the counteshaft splines ... I dont have any bad experience in that area, but its worth asking about ...

I will get the XR400R 45T rear sprocket then, I work for Honda of Canada and get parts at 40% under retail, and they are delivered the next day right at work. So I try to get as much as I can this way.

You can, however, use Honda CR sprockets on the bigger XR's in the rear.

I run the Ironman 45 rear--one year guarantee!!!!

Ok then, anyone know if there is a front 15T that I can get from another Honda that will fit my 650R?

I am 90% sure that there isnt a 15 tooth front OEM from Red--but i could be wrong! Maybe its an option on one of the quads? Just guessing.

I've had success with the 15th Moose, Sprocket Specialists, and just bought a 15 tooth Ironman yesterday. Some are drilled, some arent. All wear well.

I just looked at my sprockets. 2 different bikes. They have 12 holes each 6 for the conical head and 6 for the flathead type bolts. They aren't Honda OEM though. :cry:

Here is some information I've saved from the Yahoo 650R group.

Honda case saver for 15 tooth front sprocket 11365-MBN-650

Honda 15T front sprocket 23801-MBN-650

Note the MBN -- meaning they are XR650R parts, and not for

some other bike. They are standard equipment for XR in Australia.

I haven't tried to order these through Honda Canada, but there is

no reason that they shouldn't be able to get them (they may of

course be back-ordered and take a while) If you do order a set,

let us know how it goes (price, waiting time, etc.)


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